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2019 NSDA/NFL Nationals in Dallas!

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This year Hutch High Debate and Forensics has qualified 7 students for the national tournament in the following events: Policy Debate, Duo Interpretation, and Student Congress. Students competing include freshman Daniel Miller, sophomores; Adriana Owens, Victoria Owens, Jacob Unruh, Kian Williams, junior Seamus Wamsley, and Alex Miller (senior). Funds generated will be used for registration fee's, transportation, housing, and meals.

This tournament provides a unique opportunity for competitors to foster their leadership skills in the performing arts, so in the future they can confidently advocate for themselves and others. This years qualifiers are a well-rounded group of kids involved in numerous activities including athletics, theatre, scouts, music, church, and community service, and many of them still manage to hold down jobs. Realistically, asking high school students to bear the financial burden of a national trip is not feasible, which is why we are graciously requesting alumni/community support.


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